Qurin Diagnostics brings state-of-the-art healthcare. The team with medical and technological expertise has a revolutionary mission: saving lives and reducing cost through the development of accessible and easy-to-use diagnostic tests. With this perspective, Qurin revolutionizes healthcare. We present a list of five predictions how the technology of Qurin Diagnostics’ will change the current healthcare paradigm and contributes to the future of healthcare.

#1 Merging clinical and technological expertises

Qurin Diagnostics’ created a strong international network of world leading academic and corporate partners. The combination of clinical and technological expertise enables Qurin to develop revolutionary diagnostics. Qurin was founded with the objective to lay the foundation of nanotechnology-enabled early cancer diagnostics. This was a result of collaboration between expertise in oncology and nanotechnology. To support collaboration and the diagnostic technology platform, Qurin intiates and invests in academic and industrial partnerships to improve and expand their capabilities and applications.

#2 Creating a disease prevention technology platform

The team creates a low threshold nanotechnology-based platform for diagnosis, monitoring and personalized treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. This platform is the basis for state-of-the-art healthcare. Moreover, it changes the current healthcare paradigm by using nanotechnology. As a result, the versatile diagnostic technology platform functions as foundation for the development of disease prevention technology and noninvasive testing.

#3 Development of a diagnostic chip

Qurin is developing a nanotechnology-based platform for the detection of medical conditions by using urine as a liquid biopsy. Current developments are focused on advanced biochip technology suitable for multiple biological and biomedical applications. By detection of biomarkers in urine cancer can be diagnosed in an early stage. This diagnostic chip is state-of-the-art healthcare and will revolutionize the curing of cancer.

#4 One step closer to curing cancer

The combination of the collaboration between expertises and the nanotechnology platform supports research into curing cancer. The current diagnostic chip that detects biomarkers in urine enables early cancer diagnostics. Besides that, the technology supports monitoring and personalized treatment of cancer. Taken together, Qurin Diganostics’ activities are a frontrunner in state-of-the-art healthcare and research into curing cancer.

#5 Revolutionizing healthcare

We presented four contributions to state-of-the-art healthcare. Qurin will continue with the development of the diagnostic chip. Afterwards, cancer research will continue. Qurin Diagnostics’ will keep on contributing with innovations that will be revolutionizing healthcare and will shift the contemporary healthcare paradigm.

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